Smokey's Deer Lure
Barry and Gene Wensel both use Smokey's Preorbital Gland Lure and after much testing......Barry says "This Stuff Really works!"
"Two Years ago I learned about Smokey's Preorbital gland lure. The instructions were rather simple. Go to a scrape that is hot every year, in August put a few drops of the lure on the overhanging limb. Every week, doctor that limb again. I was told that I could expect to see more big bucks hitting that scrape than ever before. IT WORKED! We took photos of eight shooter bucks on that scrape I'm not much for gimmicks, but Smokey's Preorbital gland lure works" - Dr. Dave Samuels endorces Smokey's Preorbital Gland Lure and even talks about it in his new book "Whitetail Advantage"

Outdoor Writer - Steve Sorensen recieved the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association Award for Deer Hunting story of the year for "A 12,000-Mile Obsession" in a special addition of North American Whitetail Magazine.
In the December 2007 issue of Awesome Whitetails the story detailed a Deer Hunter named Jim Riggle who actually field tested Smokey's Preorbital Deer Lure to pattern the Tionesta Giant named "Spike" which net scored 189 4/8 B&C.(See B&C chart to the right) This Buck was 100% nocturnal and Jim lured him to a doctored licking branch with Smokey's Preorbital Gland Lure.

Jim summed things up in his Final Thoughts from the magazine article, "There were several important keys to harvesting this magnificent whitetail. First, doctoring licking branches with preorbital gland scent from Smokey's Deer Lures held the deer for good trail camera photos within a quarter mile of the spot where he was eventually killed. Jim believes that Smokey's preorbital scent is most effective because each bottle contains secretions from a single whitetail buck, letting resident deer believe an intruder is in the area. Also, just before climbing up to his tree stand, Jim used some of Smokey's doe estrous scent, and that may be what held Spike long enough for the shot." (To watch a slideshow of this and several other bucks going to the same licking branch with Smokey's preorbital gland lure, click here!)

B&C Chart
Jim Riggle Jim has been on Smokey's Hunting staff for 7 years and together they have been doing seminars on trophy deer hunting and coyote calling and trapping. They are in constant demand. They have done the Ohio Bow Hunters Banquet 3 times. The Ohio Valley Big Buck Rendezvous since its inception. The will be at the WV Bowhunters Banquet this year. They have participated in the WV National Hunting and Fishing Show at Stonewall Jackson and will be back this year. For a complete list of Shows and Seminars, click here!






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