Smokey’s Buck Tarsal Gland Lure


Buck & Doe Lure

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Product Description

This gland lure is tailor made from matching tarsal glands. It is a good all around lure & excellent early season lure. Think about this for a moment. Early season the bucks are in the bachelor groups. All the bucks know each other. Old Joe lives here, Jim lives here, Paul over there, etc. When a different buck shows up it is a big curiosity to the others… a strange buck in the area. They will check it out.
Use on drag rag to intrude another big buck area. Use in scrape or mock scrape. Hang drag rag 3-5 feet off ground. Remove rag when leaving area. Good early and late season. Also great for luring Does!

Shelf life if kept tightly closed out of direct sunlight is 5 years.


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